Dataforge Labs


Me and the lab kitteh



Dataforge is a private unix shell provider mostly catering to retrocomputing activities as well as graphics, latency resilient protocols and other tom-foolery. This system is ran in the personal lab of Wes Fisher (aka; Praetor) in Fort Worth, Texas. A core mission of Dataforge is to encourage people to self-host and become self-sufficient away from major internet cloud providers such as Amazon and Google. Dataforge is very much a DIY endeavour.

The lab mostly consists of HP and Silicon Graphics equipment tied together using Ubiquiti network infrastructure. All served by an ATT U-Verse connection.

This system is a Silicon Graphics Webforce Indy equipped with a vintage IndyCam, 24bit graphics, R5000 MIPS Processor and max ram. It runs the latest version of lighttpd as it’s weberver along with perl CGIs.

New additions are always being made, however, you can view a list of what I am currently seeking.


Q. Why is your site so ugly

A. It’s not ugly. I have a thing for Atkinson Dithering.

Q. Why Silicon Graphics Machines? Aren’t they old?

A. SGI workstations were the pennacle of computing in the 90s, when I started my career. My first “real” experience with UNIX was on an SGI Indy at the University of Wyoming and the first machine I purchased for myself was an SGI Indigo r4k in 1998. So they hold a special place in my heart.

Q. Are you associated with IRIX Network?

A. No. While I previously helped found the community, due to some disagreements, I, nor Dataforge, are no longer affiliated with IRIX Network. However, you can find me on the Silicon Graphics User Group, The IRISTalk Discord and the DFW Retro Hobbyists group.

Q. Do you do anything besides retrocomputing?

A. Yes! One of the core interests of the community is computer graphics (this is running on SGIs afterall), both retro and modern alike. Dataforge is also a testbed for latency and reliability resilient protocols and is a member node of the Internet’s largest UUCP network.

Q. Can I get an account?

Sure. If I know you. The best way to get an account, since this is a semi-private system, is to hit me up on and let me get to know you.